Best bit of graffiti I’ve seen for a while #helsinkimassive (at Shoreditch High Street)

Satin Jackets are the electronic music duo consisting of German boys Tim B and Den Ishu that make super sexy, infectious house music thats filled with the vibe of summertime. The pair have just dropped their incredible Foreign Affair EP via Eskimo Recordings which features three tracks that range from the uplifting Sunrise in Paradise to the deep disco delicacy that is Gelee Royale. Stepping into the mix with their music to dive into and float, its time to immerse yourself in the sound of Satin Jackets.

Check out the Foreign Affair EP here:

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Bye Europe - see you again soon! #helsinkimassive (at somewhere over denmark)

Life’s good! #friendsforever #londontown #helsinkimassive (at Borough Market)

Another great coffee experience in London - looks like this city has properly caught up with Australia! #coffee #coffeetravels #beanhunter #helsinkimassive (at Peloton & Co)

Stumbled across a great coffee set up in the heart of London - thought the spoon was quite fitting of the whole trip #helsinkimassive (at Tap Coffee - No.193)

Indiegogo is a great place to find all sorts of awesome stuff!

This sums up why running is great - an event that happens every Saturday in towns and cities around the world, is totally free and run by volunteers and is open to all ages and abilities!
My 67 year old mum has been doing this for ages and I can see why!